Solina has teamed up with Helium Health to deploy an antenatal risk stratification (ARS) tool in Lagos, Kano, and Akwa Ibom States in Nigeria. The project’s objective is to enhance knowledge about individualised pregnancy risk levels and facilitate early decision-making concerning the need for appropriate care and the ideal location to receive healthcare, thereby addressing the first and second phases of delays. 

Helium Health and Solina will adapt an existing solution to support ARS by combining patient demographic, behavioural, and obstetric clinical information to predict and communicate antenatal risk levels to pregnant women via HeliumDoc and HeliumEMR platforms. 

The ARS solution aims to reach around 4,000 pregnant women across defined personas, with the collaboration of relevant stakeholders within the healthcare system. The anticipated outcomes of the project include an improvement in prompt and informed decision-making to access maternal healthcare, leading to a reduction in the first delay, and better access to appropriate maternal care at health facilities, leading to a reduction in the second delay.

The key intervention areas of the project include access to pregnant women, risk stratification and awareness of risk levels, linkage to health facilities, and the elimination of financial barriers.