Strategy advisory services

SCIDaR works with our partners to develop strategic plans and frameworks for important health issues. We also develop actionable operational plans to translate strategies into actions to achieve impact.  


Solina supported a private sector client to conduct a detailed review of an existing business model to determine viability for an investment case. The business model assessment included an oncology market review. Solina supported in building a business model for revising revenue forecasts, operating costs and EBITDA to inform the case for business viability. Solina also identified short and medium term opportunities to strengthen the business model and improve business viability and performance.

Liberia Education Strategy

Solina worked extensively with the Liberian Government to define and implement a comprehensive education reform strategy. The reform strategy included setting up the staff delivery unit within the Education Ministry, vetting and testing existing teachers, training principals, reactivating the county school board, refining and sourcing funds for the scale up of public-private school partnership initiative.