Leveraging Polio Resources for Reaching Zerodose Children

As Nigeria joins other countries to halve its zero dose burden by 2030 persisting issues with service planning and delivery, community participation and other demand challenges pose a significant threat. The inaccuracies of population estimates, weak tracking mechanisms, and suboptimal knowledge of caregivers on a backdrop of low trust in vaccines limit the country’s ability to promptly identify and reach these underserved children. Successfully reducing the zero-dose burden will require innovations that build community trust and ownership. 
Co-created by Aliko Dangote Foundation (ADF) and Solina Centre for International Development and Research (SCIDaR), The Community Reorientation Women Network (CRoWN) is a women-led grassroots initiative that leverages female polio supervisors within local communities to deliver home-based counselling and referral support for a suite of services. Adopting this initiative for zero dose reduction, CRoWN deploys female polio supervisors to identify and link eligible children to immunization services through home visits and facilitated referrals. Read More


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