On the i3 project, SCIDaR partners with Salient Advisory, Southbridge A&I, SBCAfritech, IMPACT Lab, and Co-creation Hub. The i3 project is a $7 million pan-African support program for health start-ups that bring quality health products closer to patients at affordable prices.

Within the next two (2) years, sixty (60) promising African health start-ups will get grants and access to market support to expand and have a greater impact on health. A special focus is on African Innovators with ground-breaking solutions to the health supply chain challenges in Africa.

The i3 program sponsored by Gates Africa, Healthcare_ABC, MSDInvest, World Health Organization Africa & African Union Development Agency-NEPAD is inspired by the growth in the ecosystem of innovators digitising the distribution of medicines in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana & Nigeria evident in the findings of the ongoing market intelligence research by Salient Advisory.

Read more about the project here: https://innovationsinafrica.com/