Program Manager

Expired on: May 31, 2023
Project: ACTION to Sustain Precision and Integrated HIV Response towards Epidemic Control (ASPIRE)
Job Category: Program Manager
Job Type: Long term (12 months with possibility of extension)
Job Location: FCT
Description and Objectives

The Program Manager will provide technical and operational leadership for the execution of the ASPIRE project. This will involve day-to-day management of all program workflows and provision of direct oversight for project teams executing assigned program activities. S/he will bear ultimate responsibility for all team deliverables and lead program-related interactions with primary clients as well as other relevant stakeholders. The Program Manager will also be responsible for providing program status updates and supporting the Program Director for financial planning.

Technical Responsibilities – Program Management
  1. Lead day-to-day execution of program activities and manage workflows of assigned project teams
  2. Monitor program risks and troubleshoot program challenges, identify and implement creative solutions.
  3. Ensure close collaboration and coordination with cooperating partners to guarantee smooth implementation of activities and achievement of results
  4. Lead all program activities and be the primary contact point for donor program officers and other stakeholders
  5. Facilitate routine technical problem-solving sessions with the primary client and relevant stakeholders to brainstorm implementation challenges and align on decisions to guide the path forward
  6. Regularly monitor and review program activities to ensure quality, accountability, and contractual compliance with agreed deliverables and performance indicators as per the scope of work
  7. Lead the preparation of monthly/quarterly technical and financial reports (the latter will be in collaboration with the designated Finance Officer)
  8. Support individual team members to identify and document learning goals at the beginning of the program (or new staff upon joining an existing program), and facilitate feedback sessions to track their progress
  9. Coordinate routine archiving of all program documentation on the organization’s shared drive, and oversee cleanup of all documents at the close of programs
  10. Participate in periodic organization-wide events to share critical insights from the program with other managers and directors
Institutional leadership responsibilities

As an institutional leader and a part of SCIDaR’s Management Team, the Program Manager will be required to contribute substantially to organizational strategy and management in ways including, but not limited to:

  1. Support for executive management as needed with institutional representation; planning and budgeting; people development, and general leadership and oversight for the organization.
  2. Lead the technical development of proposals as assigned by the Program Director; including background data gathering and research for proposal efforts, participating in brainstorming meetings to pool strategies and ideas, and writing-up technical components of proposals
  3. Participate as required in the comprehensive in-house professional development program that includes new staff onboarding and orientation; in-class training sessions; staff mentoring program; etc.
  4. Support Program Directors to anticipate project staffing requirements and planning staff placements to satisfy both employee professional development needs and project needs;
  5. Participate in the reviews of current SCIDaR staff performance evaluation framework for appropriateness for cadres of technical staff
  6. Review and approve all program team travel in-line with SCIDaR’s travel policies to ensure safety and efficiency for all staff
  7. Ensure deployed ICT infrastructure and support services are used and maintained appropriately while in the custody of the program team

Core requirements

  1. Compelling evidence of interest in and commitment to the mission of SCIDaR;
  2. Commitment to helping build the organization for a minimum of two years in the role;
  3. Demonstrated strong strategic thinking, problem-solving and thought leadership abilities;
  4. Advanced computer usage skills with proficiency in Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint;
  5. Reliable people manager, able to manage and promote inclusive and diverse teams within the organization;
  6. Secure relationship manager, highly impactful influencing and persuasion skills;
  7. Fast learner, open to learning from peers, subordinates, and supervisors collaboratively and at a rapid pace;
  8. Results-oriented performer, experienced in developing and tracking self and team with clear KPIs;
  9. Strong verbal and written communications skills

Education and Experience

  1. Academic training: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS).  A Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Management or similarly relevant field will be an added advantage;
  2. Experience: Minimum of six years of progressive experience in leading and supervising large and diverse teams. Previous experience in managing HIV related projects is preferred.

Equal employment opportunity statement

Equal employment opportunity statement – SCIDaR is an equal employment employer. We do not engage in practices that discriminate against any person employed or seeking employment based on race, color, religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, genetic information or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable laws.

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SCIDaR offers dynamic and rewarding opportunities to individuals who desire to gain experience and develop key professional skills while also working to contribute to SCIDaR’s organizational goals within six (6) months.


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