The Gates Foundation and other donors have galvanised stakeholders to establish the Global Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change as part of efforts to improve programming and research that addresses social norms.

The Nigerian Learning Collaborative, modelled after the Global Collaborative, was established in 2020 as a country-level Community of Practice (CoP). It draws participants from government organisations, donor agencies, NGOs, and academia to strengthen networks, build sustained expertise and capacity in Nigerian organisations and institutions, and support good quality programming.

As the host organisation, our support to the Nigerian Learning Collaborative for twenty (20) months will be informed by three (3) core principles of Collaboration and contextualisation, Bias for impact, and Technology-aided. Our collaboration aims to:

  1. Share social norms evidence, approaches and resources to inform ongoing or new normative and behaviour change initiatives.
  2. Strengthen networks within and across norms-shifting programs to improve learning, implementation and evaluation of social norms programs
  3. Generate and share knowledge between national and global practitioners

The project hosts a podcast series titled, the Norms Lab, shares knowledge products and uploads relevant visual content on YouTube. Kindly subscribe to the SNLC Newsletter to receive frequent updates on the project. You can access previous newsletters here.


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