Applause erupted as Smiles for Mothers, a team dedicated to transforming maternal health in Nigeria, was crowned SCIDaR’s Team of the Year! This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievements in teamwork, innovation, and adaptability – qualities that embody Smiles for Mothers’ remarkable journey.

As part of the SCIDaR consortium with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and Co-creation Hub (CcHub), and with funding from MSD for Mothers, Smiles for Mothers partnered with the Nigerian government and three key states to tackle a critical challenge: postpartum hemorrhage (PPH)-related deaths. By leveraging human-centred design (HCD), they developed and implemented interventions tailored to each state’s unique needs, including the introduction of life-saving heat-stable Carbetocin (HSC).

The impact of the program is undeniable and the results speak volumes. 2,117 healthcare workers across 522 facilities received training, reaching over 364,450 women. Since introducing HSC, an estimated 1.529 lives have been saved from PPH deaths – a testament to the program’s effectiveness.

Beyond these impressive numbers, however, lies the true power of Smiles for Mothers: their unwavering collaboration and infectious team spirit. They prioritize team bonding, celebrate milestones, and foster an environment that fuels creativity and dedication. This collaborative spirit is now inspiring other teams within SCIDaR, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

In an organisation brimming with talent, Smiles for Mothers stood out. They surpassed exceptional teams like the Talent Team, lauded for their inclusive workplace culture, and the GAVI EPI Guinea Bissau commended for their resilience in strengthening Guinea-Bissau’s immunization program.

Their victory is a beacon of hope, showcasing the power of collaboration, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference. Smiles for Mothers is an inspiration to us all, proving that even the most ambitious goals can be achieved when we work together and empower each other. Let’s celebrate their triumph! Share this post to spread the word about their incredible work and join us in applauding their well-deserved win.


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