Anjola Ayodele
Senior Associate
Anjola is an open-minded, fun-loving and exciting young lady who recently took a liking to adventures.

While working on different projects at SCIDaR, Anjie has had the opportunity to explore different cultures in Nigeria.

About Anjola

Anjola Ayodele is an open-minded, fun-loving, and exciting young lady who recently took a liking to adventures. She loves music and football so much she thinks she can “bend it like Beckham” as seen in the 2002 romcom. Before joining Solina in 2016, she studied Electrical Electronics Engineering at the Osun State University, Nigeria. She also briefly worked as an intern at Silverbird Telecommunications, Lagos in the engineering department.

Working at SCIDaR

Her desire to make an immediate impact in her environment led to her joining SCIDaR in 2016 and for her, it has been an amazing journey. A few months on the job, she was quite stunned by the number of young people working at the organization. That created a refreshing, confident, and relaxed atmosphere to interact with and share ideas with colleagues. For Anjola, she believes that SCIDaR provided her the opportunity to build her problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills through routine engagement with relevant stakeholders. She says her confidence has increased immensely since joining the organization. She has also been able to explore different cultures in Nigeria while working on different projects across Nigeria. Having grown through the ranks since joining, Anjola is now an Associate whose current role requires her to support the Kaduna State Government to improve the primary health care system. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to consistently use data for action has contributed to successes recorded by the Kaduna State Contributory Health Agency in improving the informal sector’s access to health care.
With each passing day, she is more convinced that she plays a huge role in supporting SCIDAR to achieve its core mandate of improving health and social outcomes through effective program implementation and capacity building.


Osun State University
Electrical Electronics Engineering


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