As part of SCIDaR’s efforts to strengthen HIV response systems, we coordinated a visit with Georgetown Global Health Nigeria (GGHN) to high-level stakeholders in  Kano, Bauchi and Jigawa states, Nigeria.

During our visit to the Honourable Commissioner of Health in Bauchi, the team briefed the commissioner on the ACE 2 consortium’s activities and achievements, seeking support for the launch of the HIV sustainability manual and the inauguration of the Trust Fund Board of Trustees and Steering Committee members. Key decision-makers and program implementers, including the Director of Public Health and representatives from the State AIDS Control Agencies (SACA) and State AIDS and STI Control Programs (SASCP), attended the meeting. The commissioner expressed his support, appreciated SCIDaR’s contributions, and outlined key next steps before the launch events.

In Kano, we facilitated an alignment workshop to review baseline capacity assessment results and co-create capacity optimization plans. This workshop brought together stakeholders such as the Commissioner of Health, Director of Public Health, and representatives from SACA, SASCP, NEPWHAN, and the Logistic Management Coordination Unit (LMCU). Partners like the Society for Family Health, Pathfinder International, and the Society for Women Development & Empowerment of Nigeria (SWODEN) also actively participated. The workshop laid the groundwork for significant improvements in HIV program delivery, with SCIDaR planning to provide ongoing technical assistance and capacity-building support.

Additionally, in Kano, we facilitated a review of the HIV sustainability manual draft. Key health officials and partners provided feedback to ensure the document aligns with the state’s current realities. Following the session, SACA will engage with the Honourable Commissioner of Health and Deputy Governor to secure approvals for the manual’s public launch and dissemination.

In Jigawa, we supported an advocacy visit by SACA and key stakeholders to the Deputy Governor, His Excellency, Engr. Aminu Usman Gumel. During the briefing, we covered the ACE 2 Consortium’s activities and achievements, seeking approval for priority health financing activities, including the launch of the HIV sustainability manual and the inauguration of the Trust Fund Board of Trustees and Steering Committee. Directors from SASCP, NEPWHAN, Heartland Alliance Nigeria (HALG), and Society for Family Health (SFH) participated. The Deputy Governor recognized SCIDaR’s leadership and collaboration, committing to reviewing the requests and providing feedback for execution.

These workshops and assessments demonstrate SCIDaR’s commitment to creating sustainable HIV response systems, improving access to care, and enhancing the capacity of government and health organizations to effectively combat the HIV epidemic.


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