To strengthen Chad’s vaccination system, we joined the Project Management Unit (PMU), the Directorate of Vaccination (DV), and the Ministry of Finance, and Budget and Public Accounts (MFBCP) on a support mission in Chad in 2023. The mission resulted from concerns identified during a supervision exercise that revealed significant shortcomings in financial accountability for routine vaccinations in Chad’s provinces of Kanem, Hadjer Lamis, and Lac.

To address these gaps, the joint team focused on building the capacity of health workers, particularly RPEV/District Accountants. Their efforts centered on establishing a robust framework for financial management and accountability within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) program. This involved training health workers on proper documentation and emphasizing the importance of clear financial justifications.

The mission also outlined concrete recommendations to enhance financial practices. These included ensuring managers oversee all BMGF program expenses and seek guidance from financial consultants when needed.

At each administrative level, a focus was placed on the proper submission of supporting documents to prevent loss and establish clear responsibility. The provincial consultant plays a crucial role here, reminding health workers (RCS) to submit high-quality documentation on time. Additionally, the DS Manager and the financial consultant will work together to ensure the daily rectification of supporting documents, maintaining accuracy and completeness.

Solina’s involvement in this support mission underscores our commitment to strengthening healthcare systems across Africa. It is a crucial step towards improved financial accountability within Chad’s MoU provinces. By building the capacity of health workers, the joint team aims to ensure that every penny allocated to the vaccination program by BMGF is meticulously accounted for. This not only strengthens transparency but also guarantees the program’s effectiveness in achieving its public health goals.


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