The FOR M(om) program is dedicated to improving maternal care quality, reducing maternal mortality, and strengthening systems for safer childbirth in Lagos, Kano, and Delta states. The program facilitates access to finance for health facilities, builds healthcare provider capacity, digitizes health facility operations, and engages communities to ensure women’s voices are considered in service delivery.

In April 2024, the program delivered successful training programs in Lagos, equipping 61 healthcare workers, clinical and administrative staff, from 19 health facilities with improved maternal care skills and facility management knowledge. Clinical staff received essential skills training for high-quality maternal care, while administrative staff were trained in financial and operational management for facility optimization.

The team also partnered with the Private Health Institutions Management Agency (PHIMA) to tackle waste management in Kano. The workshop was attended by key state stakeholders, including the Kano State Commissioner for Health, represented by the Director of Nursing Services, and the Director-General of PHIMA. 96 participants from 41 facilities attended the workshop and key highlights include the introduction of a proposed public-private partnership on waste management, showcasing FOR M(om) interventions to non-program facilities, and distributing Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials on waste disposal.

The workshop is a first step towards transforming healthcare waste management in Kano, preventing disease outbreaks and serious public health consequences. Post-workshop, the government will finalize partnerships with private waste management companies for proper medical waste disposal. These initiatives enhance healthcare worker skills, promote better waste management, and ultimately contribute to improved public health in Nigeria.


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